Small drops of water and the sea

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Small drops of water and the sea

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Small drops of water and the sea are good friends. Every day, small water droplets are sent to the sea to eat many foods that are both tasty and nutritious Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. From then on, the sea is longer and the fatter the longer the sea.One day, the sea proudly said to the water droplets: ��You are jealous of you, take the mirror to take care of yourself, and see what you are like, small and thin, and want to continue to be friends with me. You are unworthy! "Little drops heard Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and said unconvincingly:" How can I not deserve it? I look so pure and well-behaved Newport 100S, and I say that it's not because you grow so good that I give you something to eat every day. If you do not have me Carton Of Cigarettes, you will certainly become smaller than me! "The sea did not believe it:" It won't be. Then we must make it! Don't send me anything to eat. See if I'll be as small and thin as you are! The water droplets listened and were very angry Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. They really left the sea and did not send anything to the sea to eat.The day passed like this day by day. The sea did not eat the food delivered by small water droplets. It was really like a small drop of water. It was thin day by day, day by day, and it was not happy at all. Can be a small drop of water, do not mention how comfortable. It came to the countryside to help the farmers uncle to nourish the younger brother of rice fields. The younger brother of rice field even said several thanks; it went to the power plant and gathered many brothers and sisters to generate electricity with it. Uncle worker liked it.
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Re: Small drops of water and the sea

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